The MLM Mindset Training Course ...
The Perfect Course to Help You Master Network Marketing
By Richard Bliss Brooke, Network Marketing Leader, Coach, & Trainer
  • Over 3 Hours of Training
  •  3 Modules:  8 Videos with 2 BONUS Videos
  • 10-Downloadable Blueprints
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What's In It For You?
  •  The 7 costly mistakes most inexperienced Network Marketers make that sabotage their possibilities of success.
  •  The 2 things you must focus most of your energy on if you truly want residual income, abundance, freedom, the ability to travel the world, and to create extraordinary experiences in your life.
  •  2 foundational beliefs that create great opportunity for people in Network Marketing that you should think about when you’re frustrated, disoriented or doubtful. 
  •   Richard explains the main differences between Network Marketing and traditional sales, and why it's an invaluable tool to recruit hundreds of distributors.
  •  A critical action you must be super consistent at to build a solid residual income in your business, and why it’s much easier than you think (by the way, it’s not “presenting” or “closing”).
  •  Discover the four pieces to the Network Marketing puzzle for success and become one of the top leaders in your company.
  •  How to effectively answer the “Who do I talk to?”, “What do I say to them?” and “What do I do if they say ‘no’?” questions to help remove the mental blocks keeping you from succeeding.
  •  Discover the key “mind hack” to overcome the fear of approaching someone or the fear of rejection that painfully clips the wings of so many Network Marketers.
  •  Discover Richard’s game-changing Secret Formula and how you can apply it to your business to reach the top of your company’s compensation plan.
  •  Understand why it’s so critical that you drive your prospects to either “yes” or “no.” Nothing can kill your business like the “maybes.”
  •  Find out why you should listen for the 90% of the population that say “yes” that don’t have the internal fortitude to honor their word.
  •  Listen to Richard’s transformative story of how he went from chicken chopper to a Network Marketing pro.
  •  Learn why a “no” today, doesn’t always mean a “no” forever. Many of your prospects will experience life changes that may have them open to your opportunity at a later time.
  •  10 Downloadable Cheatsheets 
  •  Take Notes
  •  Organize Your Ideas
  •  Outline Your Plan of Action
The MLM Mindset Course
“This training is a tremendous value to tens of thousands of current and future Network Marketing professionals. It builds belief in the profession and helps distributors build belief in themselves.”
- Sean Graham (Network Marketer)
Richard Brooke's MLM Mindset Training Course
Do you struggle with fear while prospecting?
Do you struggle with procrastination?
Do you lack confidence in your ability to succeed?
If you do, then you need this course!
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"Classic Richard, Excellent!"
"More importantly this is classic Network Marketing. This ‘Mindset Course’ is just that. For more than 30 years I have known and learned from Richard. 

If you’ve been searching for 'the right stuff’, the real-deal What, Why and How To. If you're willing and able to DO — not just think about, actually DO! — will guarantee your success in this business, that’s what you’ve got with Richard Bliss Brooke’s MLM Mindset Course."
John Fogg - Best Selling Author of "The Greatest Networker in the World
"What a Breath of Fresh Air"
"This program reinforces the mindset for our business as a profession. Not with quick and easy hype and tricky scripts, but with the respect of honoring people where they are and with the logic behind a legitimate career earning opportunity.

Anyone willing to work with this model can not only create a profitable income, but can also make positive contributions in our communities from the skills we develop to be successful.“
Carolyn WightmanPresidential Master Coordinator, Shaklee
"Started Watching & Couldn't Stop!"
I definitely feel this course would be beneficial to my team. It opened my eyes to how true it is that most people spend their lives either working for or worrying about money. 

The opportunity in Network Marketing gives a solid solution. This course helped me to identify and be able to speak to the income opportunity, and why it's important to embrace and talk about geometric progression and compounding. 

It made it so clear as to why daily, consistent prospecting is so important."
Julie Mullin Rodan + Fields
About Richard Brooke ...
Richard Brooke
Richard Bliss Brooke
Network Marketer, Best Selling Author, Trainer, Speaker
Richard grew up on a cattle ranch in Chowchilla, California. His parents were affluent and educated, but Richard was a negative thinker. He hated high school, felt unworthy of love after his parent’s divorce, and barely graduated with a D average. So it was no surprise when his “ambition” led him to Foster Farms, the largest poultry plant in the world.
Richard began living life at the speed of 38 BPM (Birds Per Minute). His job was to cut chickens into parts as they flew past him on the production line. Ambitious and hard working, Richard dreamed of climbing the ranks and happily retiring after 40 years. With four years under his belt, Richard thought he was really cutting it – life, not chickens. It was 1977. Richard was 22 years old.
Then something happened that forever changed the course of Richard’s life. Foster Farms changed their policy to where only employees with a four-year college degree could advance. This led Richard to say yes to a new opportunity: Network Marketing.
Initially he struggled to figure IT out … how to find the right people, what to say and how to overcome the setbacks. Eventually through a rigorous investment of time and money in his own personal development he discovered that it was his own thoughts, beliefs and stories about himself that was holding him back. He changed them … changed them quickly and his business changed with them.

Three years later, at age 28, Richard had 30,000 active partners building with him.

In March 1992, at age 37, SUCCESS magazine featured Richard and his company on its cover. This was the first time a mainstream business magazine featured Network Marketing in a positive light. This issue outsold every issue in SUCCESS magazine's almost 100-year history.
Richard is the author of the bestselling Network Marketing book “The Four Year Career®.” Hundreds of thousands of distributors have used this book to build belief, grow their businesses, and turn skeptics into Network Marketing believers.

Richard is also the author of the personal development book “Mach2: The Art of Vision & Self-Motivation.” The principles in this book are what launched Richard to breakout success … and what landed him on that history-making cover of SUCCESS magazine.

Network Marketing Success Magazine Article
In his 40-year career in Network Marketing, Richard has become one of the most sought-after trainers and coaches of our time. He regularly hosts a 1-day Live Your Bliss Workshop where he brings the principles of “Mach2” to life. He also hosts 4-day transformational retreats where he coaches small groups into a different state of being. Richard speaks to audiences in the thousands, including at Eric Worre's Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event and Sonia Stringer's Believe Conference.

Richard is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Association, a senior member of the DSA Ethics Committee, and the man who brought you the incredible viral video series Super MLM Man.
The Happily Ever After...
One of the best gifts Richard has received from the profession is the gift of love. A speaking engagement led him to connect and fall madly in love with his wife, soul mate and partner for life, Kimmy.

Together, they own two global businesses and run them from their personal paradises in Lanai, Hawaii, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Boulder, Colorado.

Through the work of Bliss Business, their Network Marketing tools, training, and retreat organization, they have made it their mission to share their knowledge on growing ethically with leaders from ALL organizations … because they know that we are all better together!
Connect With Richard
855.480.3585 /  418 E Lakeside Ave, Suite 121   Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814